About Us

OneTeam is a dedicated group of success-hungry individuals who are skilled to do credit and migration counseling jobs. These tasks include but are not limited to mortgage, credit repair, and immigration consultation. Collectively, OneTeam brings over 50+ years of experience.

We operate through a physical as well as a virtual office. Our dedication to customer service is a quality we value. That is why we answer each and every inquiry through calls, emails, and messages (Whats App, Botim, etc). We operate from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays and weekends.

OneTeam has individuals that work for you every day and we also have contractors work with us on a project basis. Together, we have one goal of being fearless in the face of success.

Since we started back in 2015, OneTeam has aided hundreds of clients to get to where they wanted to be – financially and home ownership-wise. From beginning to end, we’ll advise you or guide according to how you want your finances handled.

How? you may ask? We create timely and efficient ways to turn your negative situation around as soon as possible. Because when the weight is gone, you’ll begin your stride towards a worry-free future. That’s all we want for our clients. We’ll stick with you through our step-by-step method in processing tasks for a smoother and easier transaction.

Of course, we understand how each individual has different needs, which is why we customize our services according to what our clients needs.

For example – We can find the problem area in your finances, create feasible solutions, monitor your spending habits, and work beside you in order to restore your credit scores or claim the house of your dreams.

There’s no financial situation we can’t handle. Our services range from problem recognition, situational planning, and creating solutions and preventive measures for dealing with medium to large scale financial problems which include but are not limited to mortgage, credit repair, financial management, and immigration consultancy matters. We take care of the nitty-gritty numbers game for you which will ultimately lead to a stress-free, breathe easier life.


Our mission is to help our clients live a free from financial worries. To guide the people who find task like mortgage and immigration too dauting.

To educate our clients about how to handle their finances better. And lastly, to uphold the virtues which make our work worthwhile: fidelity, quality, timeless, and trustworthiness.


We envision OneTeam as one of the leading financial consulting companies in Canada.

We will build a network of financially free individuals and continue to serve clients from different economic standpoints with one goal in mind: to achieve stress-free and successful results.


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